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Many of you keep asking me for sculpting tutorials, but I’m not ready to make one yet, I might not going to be ever….Let’s be honest, I’m a terrible teacher and my working method can be very confusing to say the least ..:)

I get easily obsessed over small details, and I don’t afraid to put my blade  into the already completely finished figure ( cured and painted) if I’m not happy with something.

I’m also still on the learning curve, as I started to work with polymer clay only 1 and half years ago. I’m experimenting with clay mixes and techniques and I try to learn from my mistakes.

However I intend to give you a peek time to time of my work by short videos and progress shots. Also you’re more than welcome to ask questions, I’ll try my best to answer.

Here are a few links to great artists who are excellent teachers are as well.

Mark Dennis / Madsculptor is one of the best teacher, you can learn from his blog a lot:


An other great site with many free tips and online classes by Apryl Jensen:


Deb Wood is an excellent teacher as well, there are many online classes are available on her website :


In the next few months I’ll work on two competition entries I don’t take commissions.

First one is going to be a very large piece what took shape over the last few weeks in my mind, involving 6 figures . I try the impossible and enter to Spectrum Fantastic Art competition. The bar is extremely high, with previous winners like Forest Rogers and Viginie Ropars. Well I have nothing to loose, I trust in the luck of fools 🙂 …. http://spectrumfantasticart.com/entryinfo.php

The second one is for DABIDA  Hannie Sarris Doll Award, a very sophisticated doll award in the Netherlands. This year’s theme is emotional. I’m not sure yet about my final piece yet. Non of my ideas are seems to be good enough.


I’ll try my best to keep you posted by my work progress.

All the best,

Kisses, Hajnalka

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